I just had to tell you right this very moment…

Have you ever been caught up in a moment, and had to tell someone right that very second exactly how you are feeling? Or do you ever have feelings that you have to write down just to get them out?

We all do! I’ve created stationery for friends so that they can write letters that they will never ever send, I’ve created greeting cards from people who weren’t even born yet (Nubbie), and Ive created notecards from animals who cannot write nor speak (Muska my mini Schnauzer writes notes to those who he adores and thanks them for dog sitting and treats hee hee), a written message in any form from the heart no matter who it’s from, always puts a smile on someones face, and freezes those emotions/feelings forever.

I’d like to share with you my letters that won’t be read for a very long time…

Pending the arrival of my Millicent, I knew that the moments she was born we would have a flood of emotions and feelings and I didn’t want to forget those, and I also wanted Millicent to also share it with us. So in January before her birth, I designed 2 letterheads, so that the Mister and I could each write her a letter and tell her exactly how we felt first time meeting her and our first moments with her. Of course in my mind these were to be written the day she was born, but in reality the last thing I could do, was write heart felt letter that day. But as the days/weeks went on, the letter was written and I kept adding little things, like pps. you make the funniest noises when you sleep you sound like a raptor dinosaur! I think I’m up to pppps. by now.

Either way these 2 letters will be sealed and kept and given to Millicent at a time when she can value them the most, and share in the joys we had on her arrival into our lives.

So far she will have many little messages to read as she will also have her origami message cranes to pull open one day from her baby shower (previous post here). Lucky girl! x


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