The story of a patchwork quilt…

With all of this time off, Im not the best person to be told to just sit down, chill out and relax, relaxing to me is getting up to all the creative and crafty little projects I would otherwise have to squeeze in between my full time work hours, which usually meant either staying up late, or getting up super early or trying to fit it in on the weekend. So this time off waiting for little Nubs arrival has meant that I get to get on here more regularly, work on my Muska & Elvis design work, and create lots of new things for little nubs! My biggest project I’ve made for her so far is this patchwork quilt.

The day I decided to make this, I wasn’t set out to make a patchwork quilt, I was at Remnant House in Rosebery (awesome fabrics here) to look for fabrics to make sheet sets for her cot, then I came across a gorgeous pack of pre-cut quilt squares in fabrics I already had at home that I had made Giraffey (see earlier post) out of. So I asked one of the lovely ladies behind the counter how hard would it be for me to make a quilt with the amateur sewing skills I have. She said it was easy and would walk me through it step by step, even asked me to do the first section, then to come back and then she would guide me through the next part! I was thrilled! So I bought the squares, bought a gorgeous designer flannel for the back and home I went, sewing machine out!

This is how the quilt came together…

I layed out all the squares into the pattern and combination that I wanted, I then took a picture of it, so I could reference it later, once I pulled it apart.

I then pinned each square together (5mm) as rows, then I sewed each panel together on the machine.

Once I had sewn up all of the rows, I then sewed all the rows together.

Now I had my completed top, I then cut out my backing the flannel, this was put on the bottom (pattern facing down), then in-between I placed the wadding, I chose 100% cotton, (100% fibres are best for babies and kids when it comes to bedding). Then I layed the top pattern facing up and I pinned theses together. Then I marked up on the top, where I would be sewing in the lines to quilt it. (ps. A walking foot for the machine was recommended to use to do the quilting, but I didn’t have one, and it was still fine).

Next came the binding, you can either make your own binding by cutting the edge of your chosen fabric, or buy bias cut binding already pre cut at any length, which is what I did. Now there is a certain way you need to apply this binding, seeming it was my first time I won’t go into fine detail about how to do it, as I had to look up a tutorial online to get the process correct as I couldn’t remember it all from the lady in store.

But basically, you pin it around the edges, open ends facing outwards, you then sew about 10mm in from the edge (this all despends how wide your binding is), then you pull it over the other side and pin it and slip stitch it to the other side, but there is a certain way you need to fold the corners – this is the part I had to look up again…

(ps. see my hurty finger in the pic! I literally sewed through my finger tip and broke the needle when I was quilting)

and then…. that is all… finished!

I adore this quilt, so far it has been my largest sewing project yet, of course there are a few little hiccups and mistakes, but that just makes it all the more special hee hee.

Even though she won’t be sleeping in her cot straight away I couldn’t help placing the quilt in her cot and gathering some of her new friends to hang out in there until she ends up in there permanently.

Meet some friends of Nubs…So many new new friends already!

Keep posted, this week (hopefully today) I’m going to be making fitted sheets for her bassinet and some cot sheets with some super cool fabric edge trimmings! x


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