Add some stripes & colour in your life or just your home…

I love white and neutrals in the home, I love white walls, I love white and raw timber furniture, I love white sheets, but I also love a splash of colour amongst it. I’m very fortunate that the Mister is a painter with a brilliant eye for colour, and he has added pops of colour to our home with coloured feature walls. We have tones of blue/grey feature walls throughout the home which mean we can add a forever changing colour palette of home furnishings to match our mood – currently we’ve added bright limes, reds and oranges in very small doses.

But when it came to the bedrooms, we had a few different ideas, and decided that the wall would be our big splash of colour amongst our all white and raw timber furnishings, we opted for lemon and cool grey candy stripes, which worked fab with our very high ceilings, it instantly changed the mood of the room and I love being in it! Its also very easy to co ordinate soft furnishings – I opted for pastels and made small cushions which sit on our bed or on our corner chair to tie it all in.

But since the weekend, my favourite wall in the house is the one in little Nubs room! We didn’t want it to be the same as our room, and lil Nubs room is also following the same white and raw timber colour theme, and we can add splashes of colour as we please, I especially didn’t want it to be a ‘pink’ room, so we planned out a slightly smoky lemon, cool grey, and peachy pink to keep in with the neutral palette and went with random stripes, and here is the finished wall, The  Mister did a fab job as always! I adore this room already, it gives me such a happy vibe, I can see Nubs and I spending a lot of time in here……

The process usually starts with us drawing up the pattern and a choosing the colours and printing it out as reference, helps using pantone chip to differentiate tones

The first colour goes down over the wall, then the stripes are drawn in with using a  level

Then special painters tape (not masking or any old tape) is used to mark up the lines to get that straight edge, so you can paint in between

Then you do the first colour, when thats dry, apply next colour… and then voila!

I can’t wait for the new carpet to be laid, so we can move all of the furniture in and put artwork on the walls! x


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