From the Owl – Not your everyday run of mill wedding registry

Are you getting married, or do you know someone who is? (Or like me do you want to get married again, just so you can use the From the Owl wedding registry?)

From the Owl is not your everyday run of the mill wedding registry as quoted from Alex & Marissa who are the founders and creators of this unique wedding registry experience, which rings so true!

Why is From the Owl different form the rest? From my point of view, it’s not just ‘stuff’ that you need, its ‘stuff’ that you want as well, even those who have an established  home – there are experiences, bikes even?!, artworks, books, gifts that your guests can give you to celebrate your future together, but it’s ok, they haven’t left out your home wares and appliances, they are all there too, they are just a lot ‘cooler’ than your average dinner set, something that you will want to have out and use all the time.

But not only is it a gift registry, you can also add a wishing well, and you get your own wedding page, to share your upcoming wedding plans, images with your friends and family, and you can do all of this from the comfort from your own home.

I think that Alex & Marissa sum it up best ‘we take alot of pride in handpicking all of our beloved gifts & goodies. At times we maybe a tad over passionate about what some people might call just “stuff”. But we believe that its the stuff we surround ourselves with, that makes us all unique. From the Owl is all about offering exciting and unique gifts that your friends and family will love to give you as a wedding present.’

So check out their website > Find them on Facebook or Twitter

I’ve added below a few of my fav items you can put onto your wedding registry.

All the best to Alex & Marissa on their new adventure! x

Seconds Dinner Plate Set

Gense Appetize 16pcs cutlery Set

Acapulco Chair – turquoise

e27 Socket lamps by Mattias Stahlbom

Ladies Cafe Racer Doppio Pink

Bulky Tea teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug and tea cups by Jonas Wagell


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