Sometimes the best gifts are homemade…

No matter how many new stores there are or the mass of online shopping website that we have access to these days, it can still be very difficult to find that perfect gift, and sometimes you have the perfect gift in mind, but its not personal, or you can see it for sale on every corner…. sometimes the best gifts are homemade….

Recently I made a gift for one of my closest girlfriends, she has a love…no wait she adores…(no wait maybe its an obsession) with the typeface Love Letter. It came about a few years ago when I made a personalised card for her birthday and the rest is history. Now whenever I see the type face I tend to brand her with it, as it suits her so much and when I use it I instantly link it to her. I also know that she also shares the same thought that I have, that the written letter is not dead, she loves to write a good thank you note, cool cards and unusual stationery.

So I put together her very own personalised stationery set. I already had in mind the paper I would use – Knight Linen, that it would be black and white only (that is also very her) and I’d be keeping it very simple and understated. There would be writing paper, and note cards for the short notes, matching envelopes and grosgrain black and white pinstripe ribbon to seal any letters up. BUT they needed to be housed into the perfect box? And the perfect box I found…. at Rozelle markets, a second hand box, that used to be a suggestions box at a little B&B in Ireland. The inside needed a bit of work, but otherwise perfect even with a letter slot at the top! So with a bit of help from the mister, he cleaned out the inside and gave it a a coat of paint, I lined the bottom with one of my pattern prints and it became the perfect box to house the set. The box also became a star player amongst the gift.

I enjoyed making the gift sooooo much, and I also really enjoyed the fact that she loved the gift (especially the box) and that it is unique and hers only, so next time you need to find that perfect gift remember that sometimes the best gifts are homemade x



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