What did you do on the weekend? Well I went to a crochet party…….

Crocheting is something that I had never learnt from mother, knitting yes (my skills are very basic, I cant use a pattern, yet Ive still been able to produce a few scarfies in my lifetime), even though crocheting is something I saw my mum doing all the time, It never caught on with me….. Until now!

 So when a friend told me she was having a crochet party I was super super excited! As a few weeks earlier strolling around finders keepers markets in Sydney, another friend announced she would like to learn how to make granny squares.

 So with ambitious ideas of crazy crochet leg warmers, fancy crochet designs that we could frame and put on our wall, (I also wanted to make a crochet heart for one of my card designs) fashion colour combinations and minds full of what we could create, we took ourselves with our new shiny metallic crochet hooks and balls of yarn (oh and of course a carrot cake and large apple tart) to the afternoon of crocheting at the Chalet….

It was the perfect setting, a bunch of crafty ladies, sitting around an open fire, with cakes galore, mulled wine and cups of tea… What wasn’t so perfect was my first attempt which looked like a rats tail of a crochet…thing. We all had a fab teacher who had a lot of patience and could somehow still mange to fix my disaster every time and get me going again, who I envied to watch as she hooked and looped her yarn so effortlessly, I then became determined she will be my goal!

As frustrating as it was to try and get my rhythm, it was so calming and relaxing, just as I find knitting, and much more fun leaning at a creative crochet party do, although I only got as far as a maybe brown wrist band type fashion (this is the closest object I can match it to), I am pressing on to get better and yes to one day make my crochet heart or wall piece, or maybe I could leave my mark somewhere with some crochet graffitti……..

If you haven’t already, give it a go! Thanks to my pretty lady friend and her housemates for throwing the do, and to our fab teach x



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